• Amalik Amriou

    Amalik Amriou

    Agile Team Leader — Product & Data @ Peaks. Currently Senior Product Owner Big Data & Messaging @ Bedrock / M6 https://amalikamriou.com

  • Pushkar Anand

    Pushkar Anand

    Business Analyst by profession. Dreaming big. Exploring world viewpoints. Follow Chelsea FC. Japanophile. Love Sushi.

  • Marcin Wozniak

    Marcin Wozniak

  • Ram Singh Thagunna

    Ram Singh Thagunna

  • Marc Guirand

    Marc Guirand

    Marc Herold Guirand — Life-long learner and innovative problem-solver

  • gm coaching and entreperneur

    gm coaching and entreperneur

    we are consultants and a company that work with topics such as content marketing, community manager and seo.

  • Bora Kurum

    Bora Kurum

    Author of digital marketing book for SMBs • Newbie entrepreneur • Marketing manager • Netaholic • www.borakurum.com.tr

  • J. Dandrew

    J. Dandrew

    Curious about most things. Neurodiversity, MOGAI & disability advocate. Works with the HR principle that happiness/engagment at work is investment, not charity

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